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The blog is about videogames, usually considering them as a storytelling medium.

Take a look at the browse page and youโ€™ll see what Iโ€™m doing. Here are some broad topics:

Tokyo Game Centre series: Weekly picture postcards from Japanese game centres. See the series here.

Concepts for Criticism: Identifying and discussing artistic tools particular to games, and their use in designing or interpreting games. Mostly on this dedicated page or under this category.

Case studies: The rest is anything thatโ€™s caught my imagination at the time, such as depiction of hand-holding in Ico, or the implications of permadeath in Rogue Legacy. This is the category.

There are some other wildcards in there, like my Real Escape adventure in Singapore or my โ€œidiotโ€™s reportโ€ on IFComp.

Again, everythingโ€™s on the browse page.


The author

Hi, my nameโ€™s Roland. Iโ€™m a business systems consultant, ex philosophy teacher, and born-again videogame enthusiast. Iโ€™m a Brit living in Tokyo, then Milan, then Tokyo again [Edit: No โ€“ back in the UK for 2016]. If I havenโ€™t posted here for months (or years) then Iโ€™ve probably gone off games again. Iโ€™ll probably be back.


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